Which Is Better Electric Or Gas Water Heater?

If you are choosing a water heater, your primary concern should be efficiency. In recent times when we have electric and gas heaters, we turn on the faucet without considering the way we are receiving that hot water. In case you don’t receive the hot water, you need to know the problem. Besides, most people will take for granted the hot water heater they have at their homes.

However, if you could at least ignore the hot water heater, you might gain some energy savings. If you are using an electric heater, you will realize that 18 percent of the utility bill results from heating water.

Fortunately, you can also save the hot water heater energy using various ways such as having short showers. The essential thing is to ensure you choose the most efficient that will lower your energy cost immediately the heater kicks on.

So that you decide on the equipment to install for heating water, there are factors that you need to consider between electric and gas heaters. If you could run an electric vs. gas heater operating cost analysis, you will realize that gas is cheaper than using electric both models are availabe at tankless water heater world online water heater store.

However, it all depends on the cost of utility where you might find that you use $20 for gas and $32 for electricity. In the analysis, it bases with the fact that natural gas is less expensive and not like electricity. The other assumption is that you have both installed at your home. If you could put a natural gas line, you could have an extra expense, and you will not realize hot water heater energy savings potentials.

Pros Of Gas Water Heaters

  • Gas heaters can heat more water volume per hour compared to electric hot water heaters and therefore a suitable choice for large families.
  • Gas hot water system works even during a power outage
  • Gas hot water heaters will pay for themselves in saving energy per year

Pros Of Electric Water Heaters

  • Purchasing electric heaters is cheaper than purchasing gas heaters
  • It is easier to install electric heaters more than gas heaters
  • Using electric heaters is much safer because they lack any leaking fuel that can explode
  • Electric tanks will function efficiently than the gas heaters because, for gas, they will lose their heat through venting

So that to choose what you need to install, it is a difficult task because it will depend on family size and cost of these energies in your location. So, you will need to check your area’s cost because they have almost equal installation prices and can last the same number of years. You aim to have a heater that will save your money.


You can now know the hot water heater you need for your home when you want to replace your old model or install for the first time. If you have a hot water heater that is more efficient in saving energy, it makes sense. In case you also realize that your utility bill is much higher than expected, it could be worth checking with a hot water heater and see whether it’s worth replacing. So, if you want to lower your energy bill, using a gas hot water heater can help.